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Volunteers needed to map the Olympic torch relay's return to the north

Not long now.....the olympic torch will be weaving its way across the north! Do you want to help us map it?

At the Guardian Northerner blog we’ll be tracking the torch’s progress around the north of England using to help map the sights and sounds of the journey - and we’re looking for your help.

If you want to play a part in this once in a lifetime event, here’s how you can get involved.

Got an iphone?
We’ve got an app for that! You can download the free n0tice app here
/> Once it’s installed you’ll see that you can add items and locations you want to follow as well as your current location. Search for and add the ‘tourchroute’ noticeboard to the menu of items you want to follow and that’s it. You’re ready to go and can snap and share your Olympic torch day, posting directly to this map.

Other mobile?
Users of android and other mobiles can use our mobile site. You’ll need to be signed up as a user of and then simply browse to and you’ll see the familiar layout and can click on ‘post a new report’.

Stuck at your desk?
Don’t worry, you can still join in. Share any interesting pictures, tweets, videos or links from your town on the noticeboard and help us update the map. You’ll need to be signed up as a user of and then go along to the noticeboard at Simply click on the ‘post a new report’ and you’ll be prompted to provide some basic information starting with the all important location. You can share multimedia items such a youtube videos, or audio clips by simply dropping the full URL into the description box or maybe you’d prefer to upload one of your own pictures for the day from your computer? You can browse to that using the button towards the bottom of the screen.

What happens to my content?
As well as users of being able to see your content, it will automatically feed into the interactive map being featured at here.
/> We’ll also feature some of the entries on the Northerner blog as it all unfolds - we’ll be looking for accounts of the day, the best pictures and anything which sums up what the experience means for your area.

There’s plenty of other ways to get involved in this project which The Guardian has detailed in full

However you mark the day, have a great time!

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